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The Gentlemans' choice for greatly improving his day.
I invite you to come see for
yourself what the unfettered attention of a good woman can do for a man.

I am your personal unyielding well of refreshment. 
Your go-to for a leisurely retreat when you're stressed, lacking your due appreciation in other areas of your life, or seeking that connection to fulfill an aching need for sincere and transcendent intimacy.
An absolute chameleon-- melding seamlessly into any scene and situation,
I am the perfect
companion for any occasion.
In other words:
I'm the girl that you reach for when you know exactly what you want and deserve, and you're ready to get it without exertion of excess trial and effort, without question or pause for hesitation, and without a shred of doubt or uncertainty that it will be all you've dreamed of.
Let me be your inspiration to instant and unimagined happiness and pleasure.

I'm as real as they come. I have my own hair and nails, my own eyelashes and lips, my own breasts, my own plump rear end-- everything that many women spend so much time and money trying to emulate. Easily and effortlessly maintaining the level of class and physical desirability that others work so hard to present, all while keeping an air of lightheartedness and tremendous warmth to balance said class gently and gracefully.
I am educated, refined, and cultured, yet genuine, affectionate, and attainable. 
I am who you connect with when you desire endless excitement and guaranteed gratification, met with poise and sophistication, and all without it seeming forced and fake.
Let me be there to lift your spirits; to inspire you to levels of release and refreshment that you never previously thought imaginable.
I will work with you on your ideas and help you transcend into whatever areas of fantasy or reality you want to explore.
What can I say? I am a pleaser. Honestly, I was born this way.
I absolutely live for treating a man exactly how he longs to be treated and would love to make you exceedingly happy, in whatever way possible
Take my hand-- I am here to make life beautiful for you, and shift your outlook, even just for a moment. The friendship, the physical presence, the support, the camaraderie, the pure, raw, intense attention-- the entire package.
It thrills me to thrill you.
Now, tell me what I can do to see that through....

Important Details

I offer my companionship and private modelling

services to anyone in need of them over the age of 18, at any time, between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m., 7 days a week.

However, please be sure to check the calendar to make sure I am in town, or going to be, before trying to schedule an appointment, to avoid any misunderstandings or disappointment. My rates are negotiable for longer periods of time, multiple client sessions, or when being combined with, or completely compensated for by, barter.

Please keep in mind that more involved sessions come at a separate a la carte rate, on top of the hourly rate. I am open to discussing what your ideas are and seeing what we can come up with.

I do ask, however, that we keep with proper discourse etiquette-- as in, please keep the conversation as light as possible. Thank you.


I definitely understand that life happens, of course. However, as soon as you know or even have an idea of the possibility of needing to cancel, I implore you, please, let me know as soon as you are able. I know that some situations will require your full attention and can be stressful, but a small courtesy is the only to avoid being in a position to never see me.

No-call/no shows.

If you deign to be so indelicate as to schedule my time and not show, without at least a small word of warning or explanation, you will absolutely not be permitted to reschedule without a deposit; 50 for the first time and 100, should it happen again. However, third time's a charm, and if it happens three times, you will not be allowed to reschedule, at all.

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Appropriate Gifts

I am often asked what someone can bring me as a gift, and the answer is always that:

I am honestly and unfortunately a very difficult person to shop for!

Not at all for the usual reasons, either!

It is not because I have a ton of things or because I require fanciness, but because I don't like much, and what I do like is very specific and sometimes even difficult to find.

I do have wishlists, however, and there are always a few items that are guaranteed as a hit.

Such as:

  • I love whiskies! Not Scotch or bourbons-- just whiskies! Canadian and Irish are most preferred; mid-shelf and up (please, no Crown, JD, or Segrams)

  • I do not like flowers, but I love food-bearing plants; berries and fruit trees, especially.

  • I absolutely love exotic pets; specifically reptiles. Please check before purchasing anything, however. 

  • I love fancy cheeses! You pick-- I trust you!

  • Ammo-- yes, ammo-- mostly 45 acp, 9mm, 556 or 300 blackout.

  • Gluten-free pastries ; anything apple

  • Anything LOTR

  • Fun, pop-culture,  or collectable coffee mugs

  • Organic heirloom seeds

  • Interesting types of coffees

  • 'Star Trek' memorabilia 

  • Replica weaponry; specifically, medieval

  • Quality/organic dark chocolate (75%+)

  • Any emergency preparedness items

  • Cast Iron cookware

  • Mead of any kind, but anything from Dansk meadery is best; particularly the Ribe Mjod is my favorite.

  • Fruit-- mostly berries and grapes (no bananas, please)

  • Interesting rocks/stones (polished or not)

  • Specimen displays (bugs, specifically)

  • Animals skins/pelts (for crafts)



    Wish Lists​

Books list

Art Supplies list

"Wants" list

"Needs" list 

And, of course, there's always cash, if you can't think of anything else.

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