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What can I say? I'm a bit of a mystery, even to myself.

I constantly find myself surprised at what I'm interested in or open to.

But, if I had to summarize myself into an easy-to-digest pill, I'd say that:

I can effortlessly blend in with the champagne and caviar crowd,

and I can seamlessly squeeze myself in with the beer and nachos types,

but all the same, I would say I'm more of a whiskey and steak sort of girl.

Sprinkle in a bit of geek, history buff, avid music enthusiast, novice chef, country girl, and craftswoman, and you've just about got the bulk of me wrapped up.

My personality isn't easy to pin down into one category, and my interests are all over the place, like you couldn't possibly imagine.

It wouldn't seem like so much a challenge, but it's difficult, because I sincerely love so many things, that I can hardly dedicate enough time to any single one category on the vast list (I'll list what I can below, and you can skip to it here, if you like).


A short bit of background on me: I largely grew up in southern California (much to my dismay, honestly), but my family is from Texas, originally. Many people remark about me looking "exotic" and will ask what my racial/ethnic background is, and the short answer would be: complicated! Haha! Obviously, given the Texan aspect I am culturally southern, overall, but with a small Latin twist. The bulk of my genetic ancestry is Irish, however, I also descend from two major mixed-race ethnic groups on my fathers' side: Creole and Cuban. My mothers' heritage being Irish, Mexican, Cherokee, and black. But I spent a small part of my childhood in the Bahamas, as well-- so a bit of that culture has influenced my life a fair amount, also! So, all in all, I am reasonably seasoned with Caribbean and Southern influence, and I am told it shows.


In my younger years, I briefly attended UNLV, and studied psychology. I do feel like it benefitted me in the long run, having done so, because self-exploration was simplified, and I had some great breakthroughs as to why I am such a people pleaser!

I ended up leaving the college life behind and endeavoring on a path toward a career in the art of making people exceptionally happy and motivating them into feeling euphoric. After saving a significant amount of money, I took an extended hiatus, to pursue motherhood and making my dream that I have had most of my life a reality! I have always wanted a family farm, where my close friends and amily could reside. I bought a nice piece of land in the mountains and I am seeing that through, as we speak. It needed a lot of help, but it was a steal! So, I am constantly doing projects and repairs (hence the bulk of my barter list found in my pricing area), but the end result is a custom home to my liking, surrounded by people I love-- so, totally worth it! 

So, now, I am back doing what I love to see my dream through-- I figured I could have it all if I worked hard enough!

Here is a more detailed and specific list of my hobbies and interests:

I have hobbies like singing and music in general, writing, theatrical makeup, cooking/barbequing, reading non-fiction books, alternative or natural medicines and therapies, painting, gardening, cultural events, debate, exotic pets, photography, movies, costumery, conspiracy diving, biology, boxing, jewelry making, hiking, animal husbandry, archery, ghost hunting, woodcarving and burning, volunteering, theology, dining out, antiquing, home repair and "do-it-yourself" projects, travelling/road trips, making mead, beauty hair/makeup-- and so much more than I could even bother to list. Really, I could go on, but I don't imagine I could possibly name something that you'd be surprised about, at this point.

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