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The lingering scent of scams

I've noticed, since getting back into the swing of things, there is an extra added element of fear to this current vein of this particular subculture; likely cultivated by the advent of the internet and "ease of use" practices, coupled also by vain and selfish women, and of course "enterprising" young men finding new avenues of thievery. I have seen and heard of some truly awful things, ranging from simple deposit grab schemes and leading on up to nothing short of flat-out extortion, via threats and doxxing. I have even had my share of very odd people, and many no-call/no-shows, and cancellers who wanted to repeatedly try to compromise my time.

The biggest issue here is ensuring that you only see verified and vetted people-- on both ends. Safety is key, even to having a happy session. I have had my share of new people that were very uneasy because of their previous negative experiences. I realize the lure of a beautiful woman, particularly a new one is a huge draw, but you need to tread lightly and know when you smell a potential issue. The red flags are always obvious, so long as you aren't too wrapped up in the notion of seeing it through (no matter what). Think with the right head when you're risking yourself and putting your life (and potentially your loved ones) on the line.

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